Thursday, July 19, 2007


I was online this morning checking my mail when I did something I hadn't done since the end of last season....I checked out the YAHOO page for my Denver Broncos. I was reading a story about the beloved Darrent Williams and thought I would check out what's going on with the Broncs...that's when I got super excited. I'm ready for football season to start up again.

I learned the broncos first game is August 13. Yeah, this is just a preseason game, but it's the start of my favorite time of season. I am completely thrilled, however, to find out that the Broncs not only have one Monday night game, they have three. I love watching the Broncos on Sunday afternoons with my family, but there's something about watching them Monday night that really gets me excited.

The Bronco team has really changed over the years. I remember the days of Elway, TD, Eddy Mac, Romo and Rod Smith. These guys have since retired leaving the Broncos with a young team. Although I'm not banking on them to be completely spectacular with these newbies, I think they have great potential and like the long time Denver fan I am ( I think I was born wearing a Bronco jersey) I am excited to see what they can do this season!!!

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