Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Sights, Sounds and Smells of Denver

This past weekend my Mom and I went on a girls weekend to Denver. It was such a great time and a blast to experience some amazing time, just us girls.

Friday night we went to see the Celtic Women in concert at Red Rocks Amphitheater. If you have never been there, you are missing out. This is an amazing amphitheater amidst red rock mountains created perfectly by God. Seriously, it was as though God has planned for music to be heard here and created an amphitheater surrounded by more of his creation, HUGE red rocks. All that was needed was a stage and some seats. It was amazing to hear the birds sing along with the women, to see the lights reflecting off the walls of the red rocks that enclosed the amphitheater, to see the lights of Denver off in the distance, and when it was dark enough, to see the moon pop out from behind the clouds all while enjoying the amazing smell of mountain air. With the angelic voice of the women singing this was the perfect concert outdoors.

Following that astounding experience on Friday night, my Mom and I went into Denver to the Nature and Science museum on Saturday and saw an exhibit of the Titanic. It was incredible to walk among the belongings of passenger of that fateful ship. To walk down halls as they would have. To stand in a life-size picture of a life-raft as many of them did. It was eerie and surreal. It was amazing to walk and see items I have only seen from Titanic specials on TV, face to face . We were even able to touch one of the pieces of the hull.

After the Museum, we went to one of our favorite places to eat, The Cheesecake Factory. This was such a special treat for us. Since we don't have one in Albuquerque, we make it a point to eat at one when we go to Denver. There is nothing like fried mac-n-cheese and avocado egg rolls followed by the most wonderful cheesecake. For some reason, this trip was full of the wonderful smell of FOOD (what do you expect from me?? I love my food). From Cheesecake Factory to Panera Bread to my favorite Chipotle. I got to have all of my favorite restaurants in one trip. What more could I ask for??

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