Thursday, September 07, 2006

It's begining to look a lot like fall!!

So I'm sure some people have gotten sick of me talking about the feeling of fall in the air, but it's's really starting to feel like fall to me. And let me tell you, I LOVE IT!!! The bit of a chill that is now in the air which signifies the coming of sweater and jacket weather really makes me smile. With this chill coming also comes hot chocolate and fires in the fireplace. It also makes me excited to know apple season is upon us. There is nothing like the hour drive north to the apple farm to pick up bags of apples for baking and eating, not to mention the apple cider they serve. Fall also means the time of leaves changing color and falling. What is it about something dying that in turn is so beautiful?? Summer is over, and although it was great to bask in the sun in tank tops and flip flops, I'm ready for a change. I'm ready to continue along the path of my life.

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