Saturday, September 16, 2006

A trip to the apple farm

This weekend was an amazing trip to the Apple Farm. Jeremy, my Mom and I drove up to Dixon's Apple Farm to pick up some apples and cider. Now I know it wasn't what Jeremy was looking forward to doing since he couldn't go and pick and apple from the tree (and we saw the trouble you get in by the big man when you do), but I was totally looking forward to it. It was the first weekend they were open and boy could you tell!! We had packed a lunch to eat at the picnic tables up there, however, once we hit the dirt road to head to the farm there was a long line of cars waiting to get in, so we ate our picnic in the car. WHAT?? WE WERE HUNGRY!!! Once we finally got up to the farm and parked, we had to wait in another line to get into the shed to pick up our bag of apples, but it was totally worth it. The minute you stepped in the apple shed you were engulfed with the sweet aroma of that was what I had waited in two lines for two hours for!! There's nothing like the distinct smell of apples to jump start your fall. We pushed our wheelbarrel through the huge shed and picked up our two bags of apples and cider. The drive back home wasn't full of excitement like the drive up to the farm was. But the whole way home we got to smell those delicious apples!!

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