Saturday, December 20, 2008

These past few days...

These past few days, I have learned a lot. I have learned it is best to talk to people in person. It's amazing how brave one can be with what they say over text message or through e mail. I think sometimes, we say things through e mail or text message that we wouldn't usually say in person. Now, I don't know if people regret things they said, but I wonder if I had been talking to them in person if they would have said the same hurtful things, would I have said the same things?

I have also learned that it is not good to cry for two days straight. A few things happen. 1. You get a HORRIBLE headache. 2. Your eyes are always red and puffy...when you don't want them to be. 3. You get really sleepy at 7pm. The lesson learned here...don't cry for 2 days straight.

These past few days, I have learned that my friends are always there for me. It's amazing how a quick note from a friend who lives across the country can make you feel like you are someone special. I loved hearing from my friends with quick little words of encouragement, they made me smile and really helped lift my pains.

These past few days, I have learned why I really want to teach. I went back to school yesterday for my teacher's shower. When I got there, I went out to recess to get the kiddos. Seeing all of them running at me and making a huge circle around me while they all pushed to get through to hug me brought a huge smile to my face. But the biggest smile came from a little buddy of mine who I bonded over the Broncos with. He was a guys guy, and enjoyed being around me, but that was it. This little one grabbed hold of me yesterday to hug me and wouldn't let go. To me, that's what teaching is all about. I could tell from the comments the student made that I had made some sort of an impact, and to me, that's what it's all about. And it is because of that that I KNOW I will be a GREAT teacher, even when some tell me I wont.

These past few days, I realized I am a great person. I am a person who loves to have fun. And I am a person who can get in there and show others I can't be pushed around. It has been a hard few days, and a big roller coaster ride, but I feel I am better because of these past few days.

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