Monday, December 01, 2008

Getting Real

Do you ever have those times when you say, "THANK YOU LORD!!!"?? I was checking out an old friend's MYSPACE profile. We actually dated for awhile, but the situation was not good at all. Many were scared for me while I was in the relationship, and looking back, I would have been scared for myself too. This person now has a kid, and I am so thankful the Lord got me out of that situation. Who knows...that could have been me. I too could have been stuck in her situation with a baby with a guy who doesn't care and makes you fear daily for your safety. At the time I thought it was perfect, looking back I didn't really know perfection. I now know what I have with Jeremy is the closest thing one can get to it. I just look back and thank the Lord for getting me out of that situation. I thank Him for saving me from a miserable scared life, for bringing the TRUE ME back to my family and friends, and for giving me the most amazing man so I really experience and know true love!!
I know at times us girls can get ourselves into trouble. We can think we are in paradise, but in reality we are in a sort of hell. It is my hope that any girl who reads this would know that there is more out there. There is an amazing pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, you just need to get out of the rainy storm to see it. 

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