Thursday, March 22, 2007

We can use Bibles

So, I was filling in for Jeremy this past weekend teaching his Sunday School class since he was out of town on a retreat. It came to game time and we were going to play a game called Fruit Basket Upset. It's a pretty fun game in which everyone is in a circle sitting in chairs. Each person draws a fruit name from a stack of cards...they are now this fruit. There is one person in the middle who calls out different fruit names and then yells the word "Go". Anyone who was one of the fruits called has to get up and find a new seat while the person in the middle takes one from the fruit he called. Sure it's a fun game...kind of chaotic.

Apparently Jeremy had played a game similar to this with his high schoolers one time. Somehow in this other game the kids hit each other with newspapers (yeah...he likes the violent games), and the kids decided they wanted to play his version. I told them it would be fine, but we had no newspapers around and maybe he could play it with them next week. They seemed okay with that until one quiet mid schooler pipped up and said "We could use Bibles!!"

Seriously, the kids wanted to play a game in which they smacked one another with Bibles. Now I know I have heard of doing what we can to get into the Word, but seriously?? We can use Bibles?? Unbelievable!! It sure gave me a good laugh!!

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