Friday, March 16, 2007

Isn't it crazy??

So I've come to the conclusion that when people are sick they do really weird things. Here's what I have done:
  • Got a shot. Yes, me the girl who hates needles, when confronted with a fever and sore throat opted not for more I went for the shot of penicillin in my rear.
  • Craved and night it's all I have wanted.
  • At the same time I have craved Sprite I wanted nothing more to eat than Mac n Cheese
  • Slept naked. Now quit your snickering, but if you knew me you would know how hard this is and for some reason I don't want to sleep in clothes.
  • Watched John Wayne movies. That's right...I was watching a John Wayne movie and was into it.
So it's true. Strep throat has made me go bonkers. I can't wait to be feeling 100% so I can knock these strange habits off.

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