Saturday, March 17, 2007


Girls...why do we overreact so much?? Why is it that we can take a simple little conversation, letter or blog and make it mean exactly the opposite of its original intention? And how is it that we can take that same simple little conversation, letter or blog and make it into a fight that doesn't need to exist? For some reason I like to do this. I wouldn't consider it a favorite past time of mine...just a minor, okay MAJOR flaw. I'm just lucky to have people in my life who are willing to forgive this and help me to get over this flaw to become a better person. I think it's what we like to call perfectable, but I'm calling it my nevertheless moment...let me explain.

Today I was listening to a sermon that talked about the most important word in the bible being nevertheless. When he asked what the most important word was I thought maybe it was love or grace, but when he said nevertheless I was a bit confused. Nevertheless?? To me that just seems like an eloquent way to say "however", but once it was explained, boy was I wrong.

The sermon talked about how we all have moments in our life that may appear to be roadblocks...nevertheless we overcome them to become better people. We may be born with a learning disability or maybe we have been fired from what we thought was the best job. Nevertheless, we overcome that and through the grace of God we find exactly what we were called to do and it's there that we find true happiness.

I am taking this nevertheless a bit further and saying that we don't just have one huge nevertheless moment in our lives, we also have many small nevertheless moments. And with the help of God and those around us we get through them to become happier people. So what is the nevertheless in your life that is holding you back or that you need to get through? And what do you need to do to overcome it? We all have them, and with a little help we can become better people because of them.

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