Sunday, October 08, 2006

On my Soapbox about Worthless classes

Okay, so if anyone could tell me when I am going to need to know about warm and cold fronts again, please let me know!!! I am finishing my last required courses before I graduate, and it turns out I neglected to take a science lab before now, so I had three choices. It was either a night astronomy lab, a chem lab or a geography lab. I didn't want to take a night class, and I figured it would be easier to deal with maps than have to worry about blowing up the chem lab, so geography it was!!! Boy oh boy, I know I made the right choice, but seriously…when am I going to need to know about fronts and air masses. Come on people, that's why I have Steve Stucker, the weatherman. I don't need to know this. I just don't understand the point to required classes which do not pertain what-so-ever to your area of study.

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