Monday, October 23, 2006

Giving People a Chance

I have to admit, and I'm not at all proud of it, that I have a bad habit of giving up on people easily. Once I have given up on them, it's hard for me to respect them again. Let me give you a couple of examples.

I am a huge Denver Bronco fan. I always have and probably always will be. My parents moved to New Mexico before I was born and brought with them the love for the Broncs. So, I guess you could say that was just another thing they instilled in me. The golden age of the Broncos was amazing. When Elway, Eddy Mac, Romo and TD were all there it was great! I mean, hello, they won not one but two Superbowl's back to back during that time.

However, things change, time marches on and Plummer comes in at QB. He actually didn't immediately replace Elway, Griese came first, but we won't even get started on that dude. So, anyways, Plummer has been in Denver since 2003. I gave him a chance the first year and I would even say for the most part the second year, but it just seemed like he kept letting me down. Especially last year at the AFC Championship game when he didn't even show up to play. Now I know the rest of the Broncs didn't show up that day either, but we're not talking about everyone else right now...we're talking about Jakey.

This season he has been playing okay, not terrific by any means, but okay. He has the team 1st in the AFC west and tied for 2nd in the AFC. But for some reason this just isn't good enough for me. I gave up on him last season and since I did this it's hard for me to get that back.

The same thing goes for my nutty math professor I have talked about before. He started out okay, but then he went and got goofy. He started doing a sort of song and dance routine to keep the attention of the class. He tells crazy dating stories, he hopscotches in the room. Today, he was moonwalking and talking about the divorce with his wife. It just really makes me roll my eyes. I have been told, once a woman hears something she doesn't like in a conversation, she stops listening. Well that's what has happened here with my math class. He started acting like a dorfus and I stopped listening.

I'm not sure why I do this or even when it started. I feel the little let downs I have felt, from friends, teachers, guys I have been in relationships with and from my favorite sports team, have accumulated like a snowball rolling down a hill. So now I have this huge snowball that has built up and I don't know how to get over it. I want to be better about giving people a chance, but that just means trusting and we all know how I feel about trust. So I'm hoping as God continues to work in my heart on my trust issues, my habit of giving up on people will begin to be solved too.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, if you are going to start trying to let God soften your heart and give people a chance, who better to start with than Plummer? Is there anyone better? I submit that there is not!