Tuesday, October 24, 2006

The Big But of Katie Land

I seriously enjoy being a woman and if I had the chance there is no way I would come back as a man. However, (this is the big but of Katie Land), the wiring of the female mind drives me crazy. Women, we know we are more emotional, or at least some of us have finally come to this conclusion. I don't know about you, but sometimes this really just drives me nuts. I mean for no reason we can just start crying, and even have trouble stopping. Usually there is an underlying reason, but there doesn't always have to be. We also tend to get hurt easier. We think we're strong, but emotionally we usually aren't. We just have the amazing ability to hide our hurt that's all. Woman also put more stock into something that is done or said. WE MAKE PRESUMPTIONS. And that really can lead to emotional pain. We presume we are doing well in a job only to find out we're not. We presume a situation at home or school is working out the way we want, only to find out it's not. We presume something could be headed somewhere faster than it really is and often times it's not and we have to put on the breaks. We don't just make these presumptions, we build and build on them until they can almost become too hard to handle. There are times when we can have it all, yet still feel lonely. Being a woman is great!! I wouldn't trade it for the world, BUT the crazy emotions we women have...well, I could deal without those!!

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