Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Fruit of the Spirit :: Patience

I haven't always had trouble being a patient person, but it seems the older I get -- the less patient I am. I can remember being a wee little red headed girl out with my Mom when she would run into someone she knew at the grocery store. They would stop and talk for what seemed like forever to me. When the conversation ended, whoever she was jabbering with would always say, "what a patient girl you are!" I never knew it then, but that was a good thing. 

Fast forward 18 years or so to the time leading up to my husband proposing to me. I was the most impatient person in the world during that time. I remember him and I talking early on in our relationship about marriage, so when I had to wait over 16 months from the first time we talked about marriage for him to propose I grew VERY impatient. 

These past six weeks, I have impatiently been waiting to hear about a job interview I had. As the days passed by, I grew more and more impatient. I couldn't understand why it had to take so long to let me know. (PS I didn't get the job, but I'm being patient with God's plans for me ;o)  ) Waiting during that time was torture for me. 

As impatient as I can be with people, it's weird, but I have patience with the Lord. I don't always get his timing, but through these two examples the one thing that got me through the waiting and impatient waiting was trusting in God's timing and being patient with what he has in store for me.

Why do I do this? Why am I so impatient with people of this Earth, but I can be pretty patient with the Lord? I know it is Him that I should have patience with, but what about the worrying and waiting and knots in my stomach I get from being impatient with people?

When I start to grow impatient worry takes over. My dear husband told me once during a fit of worry to check out Matthew 6:25-34. I encourage you to take a look at it and see how silly we are to worry. I just love verse 34:
Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.
It's not a perfect cure to my impatience, but it helps me to deal with the worry that comes from my impatience. Why should I worry about what is going on, may go on or after being somewhat patient didn't go on? I shouldn't!! I should just focus on what is in front of me, trust in God's timing and let what will be....be!!

How do you handle patience? Are you patient, or like me, do you have to work hard at it?

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Sue said...

I remember as a young woman in my late teens/early 20's telling my Mom that I prayed for patience and she immediately said, "Oh honey - never pray for that. God ALWAYS answers that prayer". Well, He did and even though it was really hard, I have to say that I'm glad He taught me the lesson. I am not perfect at it mind you ;-)

What I found to be helpful in being patient with other people is trying to understand the frustration through their perspective. Sort of I guess analyzing the person or situation asking those "why" questions.

Now driving though can make my impatience rear it's ugly head faster than a speeding bullet. Obviously God still has some work to do.

Bravo to you though by learning to be patient with Him because sometimes that is the hardest area to learn patience. I think as you pray about the other areas, God will give you insight to have victory there too! God bless you ;-)