Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hide and Seek

One of my favorite channels in all of DirectTV land is the Hallmark channel. I was so excited about getting DirectTV for the Hallmark channel and the wonderful movies and shows it has. One of the shows I love on the Hallmark channel is 7th Heaven. I was a huge fan of this show when it was on TV and now that it is in reruns, I love it even more. I tell Jeremy all the time that I want us to have a big family like that...we'll see how that works out.

Today's episode had many great themes, but one that stuck out to me came when Ruthie asked Mary to play with her. Ruthie, the younger sister who is maybe 6 in this episode, gets bored and asks her older high school sister Mary to play Hide and Go Seek. Ruthie was chosen to hide and Mary would be the seeker. The problem came when Mary got busy with her homework and forgot to seek Ruthie. It wasn't until quite a time later (when Ruthie had fallen asleep) that Mary finally remembered she was to seek her sister.

This got me to thinking about our relationship with God. How many times have you hidden from Him? How many times have you tucked your body and head under a blanket of busyness and regret hoping He wouldn't find you. I know I have plenty of times. But, the wonderful thing about God is, unlike Mary from 7th Heaven, He never forgets us and even better He never stops seeking us. What amazing love!!

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