Friday, November 16, 2007

You know what really stinks??

So, I was getting ready yesterday (more proof of why I just had to look back on the day and laugh) and was straightening my hair. I turned on my straightener and curling iron, as I always do, before I started blow drying my hair. I do that so they can heat up while I am blow drying my hair and then they are ready to use. So, I turned them on, blow my hair dry and went to straighten the little curls when I noticed my straightener wasn't hot. "What a dork!!," I thought. You see, I thought I had just turned on my curling iron and not the straightener. So, I went to flip the switch, but it was already flipped. So, it was flipped, but wasn't hot. It was plugged in, but wasn't hot. UGH!!! It broke!!! How is a girl to finish her hair without an essential tool?? That's what really stinks!!! 

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