Monday, August 06, 2007

I'm Back!!

Hey everyone!! It has been a bit of time, but I have been out of town...again. The family and I went up to my Grandma's cabin in Colorado for the last trip of the summer. It was such a great relaxing time up there, I really wasn't wanting to come back home...but I did. It was great to get away to smell the mountain air, hear the rain on the roof and walk in the amazing wilderness that is home to so many great childhood memories. There isn't a memory of my summers from growing up that doesn't include my crazy, fun Grandma Porter and all of my Colorado cousins. Some of my best memories contain my Great Aunt Kay, and guess what?? She was there too!! They are all such great people!!

While we were there we did the usual card playing, hiking, picture taking and eating. Jeremy and I took our engagement photos up there which turned out wonderful...I'll have to post some later on. The dogs enjoyed running about and not having a fence to keep them in. All of the cousins were there, which was great being able to see them all at the same time. Jeremy and I even got to drive to town to have Chipotle. Now, what could be better than a trip to Grandma's cabin and Chipotle??

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