Tuesday, May 01, 2007


I was writing my beauty blog tonight finding the three things that brought me joy today when I realized there was way more than 3, so I thought I would continue my fabulous day here...
  1. I had to drive into Albuquerque to go to BestBuy so I decided to stop by and have lunch with Jeremy. It is always so so much fun when we get to do that.
  2. My Dad had to get his oil changed today and he asked me to do it. Do you know what this meant?? You guessed it, I got to drive his hot car. It's amazing what driving a hot car will do to a girl.
  3. I finally got my external mouse. I am learning to love my new mac, but I was missing an external mouse. Today I got to use a gift certificate and get one. Oh with what great ease I can now steer this little pointer around the screen.
  4. The clouds were building all day and really looked threatening. I love rain clouds, and I love it even more when it rains like it did tonight!
  5. I finally got to plant my vegetable garden this year. I love watching and waiting for the new growth to sprout up all new and green.
  6. The fall schedule of classes was out for my teacher program. It looks like I might have my schedule all figured out.
  7. Dinner with the family is great, but when it includes peach iced tea from Olive Garden...even better!!
  8. Tonight was the big screen showing of Dirty Dancing for the 20th anniversary. It was so much fun to watch this movie with other lovers of the Dirty Dancing. You can really love and enjoy it that much more.
  9. I love running in the rain, but doing so hand and hand with the one you love is an amazing experience. You should try it sometime.
  10. Cuddle time tonight had great conversation. And great closeness!!
So can you see why I am such a happy girl today?? I hope your day was just as super-dee-duper!!

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