Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Lessons From A Weekend of Snowboarding

1. The initial excitement is dead after the 50th time you fall.

2. That same excitement is brought back after a great run down a harder run.

3. The soreness you feel after the first day doesn't come close to the soreness you feel after the second day.

4. The going is easier than the stopping.

5. You will find muscles you never thought existed.

6. Whiplash is not limited to an injury obtained during a car accident.

7. Your chin can freeze numb while the rest of your body is warm.

8. Snow in gloves...not a good combination.

9. Day number two will bring more confidence which equals more fun.

10. Even when you fall on your face, it may hurt like the Dickens, but you're still moving forward.

11. If you can't make it down a steep part of a run...sit on your butt and slide down.

12. A kiss on the chairlift is difficult with frozen lips.

13. It's annoying when little tykes zoom past you like it's soooo easy...meanwhile you're laying face down in a pile of snow.

14. Don't believe the signs when they tell you it's the easy way down...they lie.

15. This was the best snowboarding weekend ever!!! (Yeah, I know it was my first, but it was still the best!)

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Anonymous said...

Great observations! I am glad you finally had fun!