Thursday, January 25, 2007

In case you were wondering

The trip to San Antonio earlier this month was amazing!! Despite the early mishaps, we really did have a wonderful time! We found a great hotel to stay in, which was even cheaper than the first one I had booked. The manager at the Days Inn, which was the hotel I was unhappy with, kindly refunded my money, which was great considering the reservations were non-refundable!!

Jeremy used his mad internet skills and found a Chipotle near us that had the most friendly staff. In fact, we liked them so much we went there everyday for lunch. (oh how I long for a Chipotle now!!) We strolled along the riverwalk walk...and it was great that it filled back with water the second day we were there. We even had an amazing dinner at a TexMex joint one night on the river. It was cold, but My Man did get the romance going with the river and the lights.

I found out that Texas actually lost the battle of the Alamo...shhhh don't tell. It's crazy to see such an historic sight in the middle of a city's downtown. Although the Spurs lost the game we went to...I was so excited since it was my first pro basketball game I had ever seen. Not to mention Jeremy got his picture taken with the cheerleaders...what a lucky man, right guys?? We concluded our trip with a stop at Max Lucado's church where we got to hear him teach. Funny thing...he was starting a series on sex which would have been really cool to hear the rest of, but we had to get back to the Burque.

All in all is was a really great trip. It was great to see the city and it was even better for Jeremy and me to get away...just the two of us!!

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