Thursday, January 25, 2007

Don't give up, or apologize

Jeremy, I don't want to ruin anything for stop reading now. Stop I said. NOW!!! Okay, I warned you....

So, I finally watched last weeks episode of Grey's Anatomy titled Six Days (Part 2). I think after hearing everyone tell me about how sad it was I was prepared, so I only had a few tears. What impacted me the most about this episode was what Izzy had to say to Dr. Bailey. She told her that she was not going to give up either part of her (being a surgeon and becoming too emotionally involved with her patients), nor was she going to apologize for it.

So many times I feel we, especially us females, are pressured to give up who we are and conform to society. We have to be the "norm" or be what we are expected to be rather than who we really are. Bailey was wanting Izzy to be a surgeon who didn't get emotionally involved, but Izzy said she couldn't do that. She couldn't give up what made her...well...her. Nor was she going to apologize for who she was.

I think we can take a bit of advice from Izzy. Be who you are!! Don't change or conform to society or anyone else. And don't apologize for who you are...rather, be proud!

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