Friday, April 25, 2008

One Month and counting

One month from today, I will become Mrs. Jeremy Rodriguez. I have so many emotions within me, it's hard to describe. 

I am happy. I have found a great man who I know will take care of me. I'm happy to start a new adventure. 

I'm scared. I'm scared to start this new adventure. I'm scared of the quiet that will be my house. I'm scared of what I will do wrong.

I'm nervous. This is the most important decision in my life, nothing will be bigger than this. Will everything go as planned? Will the music play on que? Will I look flawless?

I'm mad. I'm mad at all that has happened this year. I'm mad at those people who have not been cooperative. I'm mad that they think this is about them, and forget it's about me and Jeremy.

I'm ready. I'm ready to start this adventure. I'm ready to be this man's wife. I'm ready to make our house a home with a happy family. And I'm READY for the honeymoon!!!

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Anonymous said...

I am sorry for number 4.